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Improve The Process of Aging with Your Contributions

Whatever amount you choose to donate to IATA, your money will be going to a great cause. With a goal to help improve aging for all individuals, we can create a better future, but we need your help.

Donors' fully tax-deductible donations assist in bringing the IATA to fruition. All donors will become Associate IATA Members, a genuinely unique, informative, and exciting experience. The budget of the inaugural Institute is $73,225 and covers the following:

• Travel & Honoraria for Four Internationally Renowned Thought Leaders
• Hotel & Meeting Expenses for up to 20 Attendees for Four Nights
• Opening Reception & Keynote Address for Invitees

• Graduate Students to Assist with Coordination
• Experienced Medical Editor, Printing, & Distribution
  of Proceedings

(N.B. None of the directors take any compensation for their work.)


Join us at the inaugural gathering and experience our cause firsthand. Our three-day events will be held annually in the Monterey Bay Area. For those who want to participate in the IATA remotely, daily e-blasts including short video clips about that particular day's program, will be provided. This way, you can see and hear what the speakers said about the main discussion topic. Facebook posts can also inform those who wish to keep up with what's happening on a daily basis. At the conclusion of the IATA, an edited video version will be posted on our website, similar to what was done at the Nobel Week Dialogue shown on the top of our present web pages. The final published proceedings will be sent electronically to anyone associated with us or who may request it. The main discussion topics in fall 2019 will be:

  1. Development of Age & Dementia Friendly Communities Where Persons Grow Older in Sustainable & Safe Settings with a Lifespan
    Focus from Healthy Young People to Healthy Older Ones.

  2. Prevention of Elder Abuse in All Forms, Especially Financial Exploitation.

  3.  Reduction of health disparities among seniors based on socio-economic factors and or ethnic/racial groups.

Senior Couple

Bronze-Level Associates - $6.50 or more Annually

Donors at this level will be listed in the proceedings and receive regular notifications of events and resources.

Silver-Level Associates - $65 or more Annually

Donors at this level will have real-time communications with us via scheduled conference calls and webinars.

Gold-Level Associates - $650 Annually or $6,500 One-Time Contribution

Gold members will receive invitations to attend the annual opening receptions at California State University, Monterey Bay. Meeting world-class researchers and clinicians and maintaining communication with them is a unique opportunity few outside the field of aging have.

Those making one-time $6,500 contributions will meet the invited thought leaders at dinner and participate as observer/commentators during the three-day long Institutes in Carmel, California.

Donate Today

You are invited to make a tax-deductible donation to the IATA through our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, ACTION Council of Monterey County here:

or send a check to:

ACTION Council of Monterey County c/o IATA
1020 19th Street NW Suite 890
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (346) 226-2225.

For more information, contact any of the directors or call the ACTION Council at (831) 783-1244.